Custom Design & Letterpress Printery
It all began in a design workshop. A classic graphic designer meets letterpress printer kind of tale. Years of designing, printing, trade shows, craft fairs, wholesale orders, mounds and mounds of paper and days and days of ink, sweat, joy and tears. All of this led me here—right where I want to be—as a designer and craftswoman who creates original handmade products just for you.
Photography: Carrie Elizabeth Hirsch

I’ve always found beauty in quality, authenticity and quirk, so I was drawn to art and design at a very early age. My mom taught me to paint (I can still smell her wood art box and oil paints like it was yesterday) and to “draw what I see”. In 2008, I co-founded the letterpress greeting card company Dee&Lala. Our cards, known for their modern aesthetic and sweet tart undertone, sold in over 300 stores across the U.S. and internationally. Now I own and operate Maude Press, a boutique design and letterpress studio just outside of downtown Los Angeles in South Pasadena, California, where squirrels and parrots dominate the trees, the smell of cake wafts past my press, and I can ride my red vintage Schwinn “Elvis” to work.

Do you know what it’s like when something just feels right? That is how I felt the moment I saw Maude—all 1500 lbs. of her. Maude is a Chandler & Price letterpress manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, in an era when factories buzzed and the quality of product mattered. Her function is a testament to that philosophy and her condition, a sign of respect. When I touch the marks on the feed table I think about Maude’s history, how she was built, where she has traveled, who has stood where I’m standing now and all of the beautiful prints she has made…

Custom Letterpress Printery | Los Angeles